Saturday, May 7, 2011

UPU Result :)

6th May of 2011..finally after being waiting for 5 months,this is the day!checking the UPU result on hope that i'll get the offer to pursue my stdy in UITM TESL Foundation..but,unfortunately i got another course which is diploma in public administration..eventhough i didn't get the course that i want,but thanks God,Alhamdulillah..haisyh dh la asyik ckp omputih je kan..meh kita berojak sikit hari ni..check tmpt mana uitm aku dpt..check punya check..tu diaaaa!uitm merbuk..mak aihh!jauh nyaaa..goodbye la yoo,course that they offer pun i xminat,chill and buat keputusan.......Kolej Matrikulasi Perak,here i come!!!!!!!!!!:)

Above picture:Ministry of Higher Education(MOHE) Logo
Below:Universiti Teknologi Mara(UiTM) Logo

Quotes for today: Jika seseorang ingin berjaya,Allah akan mengujinya :)
Sekian,chill dan cool :D

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