Sunday, June 26, 2011

SPM Result :)

Hohoho tu dia punya lama aku tak update pasal result spm..padahal dah berbulan2 lama dah dapat resultnye..Entah kenapa baru sekarang nak update pasal ni..Saja nak share dgn anda semua..orang kata memang sehari sebelum result keluar,semua orang akan rasa takut..tidur tak lena,mandi tak basah,makan tak kenyang..tu diaaaa hebat punya penangan lah result spm ni..aku pun cuak juga takut apa yang aku impikan tak tercapai..masa hari result spm,menggeletar je rasanya..semua orang rasa nak tercabut jantung..hohh semputt!plus,mak ayah pun ikut sekali..memang dub dab dub ini dia muka-muka gembira setelah dapat result spm dan bertemu rakan-rakan yang lama terpisah..*lama ke?baru 3bulan* 

when we meet: muka ceria habis!! from left: me,frgh khalil,izzatul nazihah yahya and melissa mokhtar :)

tengok guys! cool kan diorang ni? ;)

she is melissa mokhtar..beautiful right? she's also my katil bawah,dia katil atas..hehe..jelita habis! pandai woo dia ni..straight A's!!congratulation cha..

ini Frgh Khalil..teman sakit otak wa..haha sorry farah =D

Ini saya lah..siapa lagi..tuan tanah blog..

okay sebenarnya nak minta tolong like pic saya..

kawan-kawan,sy memrlukan bantuan anda page ini

kemudian like pic saya..saya join I LOVE PINK CONTEST..

thanks kawan2 :)

and ada lagi satu contest..

kawan-kawan,sy memrlukan bantuan anda page ini

kemudian like pic saya Gadis Bertudung Contest :)

thanks dear friends :)

like yaa..thanks friends :)

Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technology :)

HI peeps!Just wanna share some information regarding the field of Medical Laboratory Technology especially for those who got the offer to pursue study at UMMC..

Diploma of Medical Laboratory Technologist
Duration of Programme
6 Semesters (3 years)
Date of Commencement
June/July each year
Admission RequirementA student must have the following:
(1) The Malaysian School Certificate of Education (SPM), ‘O’ level or its equivalent
(2) A credit in Bahasa Malaysia or its equivalent
(3) Credits in English, Mathematics and 2 science subjects (with preference in biology and chemistry)
(4) Minimum age requirement: 17 year and above
Programme Synopsis
(1) Programme Philosophy
A Medical Labaratory Technologist (MLT) is an important member of a medical team because the practise of modern medicine depends greatly on the outcome of the labaratory results.  A MLT is responsible for providing reliable and accurate labaratory results to doctors who used them to make diagnosis and to threat their patients. MLT 's carry out various procedurs, analyses and labaratory investigartions on tissue sample and body fluids such as blood and urine.
(2) Programme Principle
The medical laboratory technology diploma course is aimed at producing a competent medical laboratory technologist of high professional standing in the delivery of laboratory practice and
1. Able to practice in all spheres of medical laboratory technology or other related areas of employment
2. Capable of functioning as an informed professional in a changing health care system
3. Instilled with the spirit of intellectual inquiry and curiosity and equipped with independent learning for the present and throughout his/her professional life
4. Inculcated with values necessary to serve the patient and society as a caring, ethical, knowledgeable professional and enlightened citizen , be it independently or as an active member of the healthcare system.
5. Possess the capacity to continue as a productive and responsible member of the profession and assume leadership roles as appropriate to the profession and society
Changes in the diploma curriculum are envisaged as the environments and the requirement of the clientele change. Whatever the changes, the Department will, at all time, endeavor to uphold the quality of its product, outputs and services.
(3) Programme Objectives
The objective of the course is to produce versatile medical laboratory technologist equipped with adequate knowledge and skills in performing various laboratory analyses and tests related to patients diagnosis and treatment and also for the prevention of disease.
The course requires a student to acquire sound knowledge in basic sciences and various disciplines in medical laboratory technology.
(4) Course Outline
Year 1 (Sem 1 & 2)
· Human Anatomy
· Human Physiology
· Biochemistry
· Cell Biology & Genetics
· Basic Histology Techniques
· Laboratory Techniques
· Laboratory Mathematics
· Basic computer Skills
· Basic Microbiology
· Bacterial Pathogens
Year 2 (Sem 3 & 4)
· Cellular Pathology
· Analytical Chemistry
· Clinical Chemistry
· Immunology
· Basic Clinical Microbiology
· Hematology 1
· Blood Transfusion 1
· Histopathology 1
· Parasitology 1
· Islamic /Moral Studies
· Biostatistics
Year 3 (Sem 5 & 6)
· Clinical Chemistry
· Histopathology and Cytology
· Hematology & Blood transfusion
· Microbiology & Parasitology
· Principles of Laboratory Practice
Full time laboratory posting is mandatory during special semesters.
(5) Job Opportunity
Students who have successfully completed the course can find employment in the private and public sectors as MLTs in the following areas:
· Service sectors- in the hospitals health and diagnostic laboratories
· Teaching and laboratory – support service in colleges and universities
· Research – in universities and research centers
· Industrial and management sectors
There are ample opportunities for career advancement through Continuing Education Programs. For instance, graduates with Diploma can pursue a bachelor degree in biomedical sciences at the local universities.

Information from : University Malaya Medical Centre Official Website :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make Over by Sam Collection Boutique

Hello there!actually i got the invitation from Sis Nisha,one of the worker at Sam Collection to be a bride make up model..huhu siapa tak nak kan?saje2 test nak juga tengok my face bila dah make up..sebab jarang sangat make up..kalau hangout pun just calit lipstick and eyeliner..that's all..mula-mula ingatkan kejap je make up,but tuuuu diaaa almost 2hours and 30minutes sit on the chair and let the make up artist done her work..memang sengal2 and lenguh badan but nak try punya pasal,ku gagahi jua..before and after make over memang beza to Norshafia Nisha sebab make up saya :)

tadaaa!! lain kan muka aku?i can't believe it! haha but it's true..this is me!

nah ambek lagi satu haa!! =D

Last but not least,thanks Kak Nisha,wife abg sham and abg sham sebab sponsor make up and sanggul..Credit to: Sam Collection,Bandar Baru,Teluk Intan..Butik ni handle everything for wedding and,if ada yang nak kahwin, bolehlah datang butik ni..
That's all..Have a nice day dear friends..Wassalam :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Fathers Day :)

19th of June on each year is a day of celebration for all dads all over the world..i would like to wish HAPPY FATHERS DAY especially to my beloved dad, Rosli bin Yaacob..You're my greatest hero and million thanks for raising me up and siblings until now..i can't pay all your sacrification towards us but i promised to you that i'll bring you success..insyaAllah..i'm proud to be your daughter..I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!! Happy Fathers Day again,dad..and not to forget all the fathers on earth..


This photo was taken during the SABDA'S Graduation Day..miss this moment..btw,my dad looks handsome right?heheee love u papa :)