Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm now a Siswa of Perak Matriculation College

Hello there and assalamualaikum..I'm now currently at Perak Matriculation College..yippy!but for the orientation week or Minggu Pengurusan Pelajar Baru,it's quite tired a lil bit emm not a lil bit i think coz the time required for us was soooo damn packed!!Blok Seri Kerian,T1 15 is my room..i've a new friends from Tapah and Kuala Lumpur..They are Adilah,Syafiqah or famously known with her unique name Chekot,and also roomates were all from the boarding school so they used to be staying in hostel before:D

Now,my life as a student begin..ouhhhh such a tough subject to learn..BIOLOGY,CHEMISTRY,MATHEMATICAL SCIENCE,COMPUTER SCIENCE which are in Modul 3!whoah!i didn't expect to learn all these subjects!what can i say right now i felt like i wanna go out from this matriculation,but it's just useless if i done that coz i don't know where can i pursue my study..i've got a lot of assignment to do plus sometimes i feel like ouhhh can i went through all this??hmm but,i've set up on my mind that I BELIEVE I CAN ACHIEVE 4 FLAT for semester 1 and 2 as long as i keep studying and struggling to achieve it!InsyaAllah Amin..always be a positive thinking person..i always bear that in my mind..

That's all i wanna share..I can't write more coz i'm in Computer Science Practical lesson..*actually the lecturer gave us chance to do anything that we want*..i'm quite happy with that..Papai and take care :)

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